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Donijo is endorsed by:

  • US Congressman Bill Huizenga

  • State Senator Dave Hildenbrand

  • State Representative Lisa Posthumus Lyons

  • State Representative Robert VerHeulen

  • State Representative Peter MacGregor

  • State Representative Ken Yonker

  • State Representative Aric Nesbitt

  • State Representative Al Pscholka 

  • County Commissioner Dan Koorndyk

  • County Commissioner Shana Shroll

  • County Commissioner Tom Antor

  • City Commissioner Dave Shaffer

  • Peter & Joan Secchia

  • Former State Representative Jerry Kooiman

  • Bing Goei

  • Dan Tietema

  • Hank Fuhs

  • Jordan Bush

  • Mike Jandernoa

  • Todd Hawkins

  • Robert & Judith Robbins

  • James and Donna DeBoer 

  • Jerry & Janelle Stutzman

  • Dan and Sherry Paul

  • Dave and Jody Hyde

  • Dave and Julie Shellhouse

  • Dave & Midge VandeKopple 

  • Carol VanLaan

  • Mark Hoffman

  • Josef Soper

  • Mike Maresco 

  • Claudia Pohlen 

  • Olivia Jenison

  • Carl Friske

  • Lindsey Koorndyk Thiel 

  • Kelly Mitchell

  • Sandy Waid

  • Don & Marijo Robbins

  • Ron & Bonnie Ulanch

  • Judy Morris

  • Joshua Meringa

  • Adrienne Wallace

  • Derek DeVries

  • Salvatore Alaimo

  • Nellie Barr

  • Dick & Gloria DeJonge

  • Julia Vogel

  • Joe Thiel 

"On election day, I hope you will vote for Donijo DeJonge. Her background, education, and leadership abilities are the qualifications voters should expect in a State Representative. In addition, Donijo is an honest, hard-working, and dedicated public servant. Her ability to get the job done will benefit Grand Rapids and the State of Michigan." 
                  -Dave Hildenbrand, State Senator

Donijo DeJonge will be the hard working, relentless advocate Grand Rapids needs in Lansing. During her two years as Grand Rapids City Comptroller, Donijo championed a transparent and cost-effective government that saved taxpayers money by making commonsense reforms to the budget. I am confident she will build on her success and continue to focus on growing the economy and boosting private sector job creation when she is elected."
           - Congressman Bill Huizenga, (MI-02)


Donijo DeJonge was a champion for efficiency and reform at the City of Grand Rapids. We need that experience in Lansing. She will ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely."
            - Rick Baker, President & CEO,
             Grand Area Chamber of Commerce


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